We have seen most of our mates, celebs, sportspersons right handed. Scientists over such a long time of study, still cannot tell precisely that why humans are biased over the use of their hands and feet. Scientists disagree on telling the exact percentage of people which are right or left handed but we know, say 70-80% people are right handed while very few, say 20-30% are left handed.
Speaking honestly, scientists doesn't really know that what leads to this biasing in humans, that's when they stick us with theoretical explanations related to genes and evolution. However, none present their study influentially, they all talk about possibilities.

One possibility speaks that we all know that our brain is composed of two similar halves performing different operations. Left half is responsible for controlling motor abilities and also language while the right half is responsible for visual attention. There is some crossing of nerves between the body and brain which shows that the left part of brain has more control over the right side of the body and vice versa. Since the left part of the brain predominantly controls motor activities, thereby most people are right handed. If so, what's the theory about left-handed people.
Right Handed People.
There are also evidences that handedness is the result of cultural and social mechanisms. What a child is taught at younger age becomes his habit for life. There are evidences that most mothers prefer their child to use their right hand at younger ages, so do teachers which make the children to use right hand for writing. Thereafter, this becomes a habit. There are muscles on whom you have practiced months and years to gain a control over it. Naturally, you'll have better control over it.
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