Why we SNEEZE | Why our EYES close while SNEEZING

Our brain is an amazing organ, isn't it!
It controls thousands of such things that you don't even know. Sneezing is also such a brilliant mechanism. Wheneven there is dust or you are with animals, you often sneeze.


Girl Sneezing.
Sneezing is a reflex action countering germs and dust. When pollutants, germs, dust particles enter our nose, they irritate it. This makes the brain to trigger a message to get rid of them, which is followed by a deep breathe which gets held in the lungs for a sec or two and then finally that air is shot out at 75-100 miles per second.TAll this process is controlled by a special part of the brain known as sneeze-centre. Sneeze centre sends a message to a bunch of body organs like belly-muscles, chest muscles etc. which work together to result a sneeze.

Why our EYES get CLOSED while SNEEZING

Eyes closed while SNEEZING.

This is also an involuntary reflex action. I have talked about the message sent by the sneeze-centre involving many muscles in it. Like other muscles, eye muscles are also involved in the process. So, our eyes muscles close when we SNEEZEg If you'll ask a child, he may say that we close our eyes so that the eyeballs don't get out or pop-out. That's funny ! But the situation gets intensified when we hear adults speaking the same. No sneeze can make your eye-balls pop-up even if the air is fired at 200 miles/s. There is no such muscle behind the eyes that can result in popping up the eyes.
 This procedure is "continually sitting at first rigging," with the cilia prepared to spring vigorously when required, said consider co-creator Noam Cohen, an otolaryngologist—ear, nose, and throat master—at the College of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia VA Medicinal Center.
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